Don’t try this at home… in fact, don’t try it at all!

Strangely, some people feel at home hundreds of metres in the air, hanging and leaping off tower cranes.When most people wouldn’t even dream about it, this adventurer is doing it. With the gentle...

Posted by Reuben on 25 November 2016


Mind-blowing rooftop action to make you feel vertigo

If, during this video, you push your chair back from your desk shouting 'No, No', whilst simultaneously being unable to take your eyes off the action, that's exactly what Urban Explorers want....

Posted by Craig on 7 October 2016


Get a new perspective on Urban Exploring with this incredible 360° video

Ever wonder what it would feel like to stand on the edge of a building and look down? To feel alone way up high on the city’s tallest structures and look down on all the miniature cars and people....

Posted by Craig on 5 August 2016


This human slingshot will leave you in utter amazement

After a creative exit from a hot air balloon 5,000m above the Pyrenees, two skilled acro pilots made a tandem descent to complete a spectacular paraglider-powered slingshot. The pair started an...

Posted by Reuben on 1 July 2016


60 Seconds of breathtaking jumping

These guys are taking parkour to new heights (40 floors up in fact). Missing a footing could have huge consequences, but it seems their way to get the adrenaline going...

Posted by Craig on 10 June 2016