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Find the right tool lanyards with the Interactive Tool Tethering Guide

Finding the best tool lanyard for your task, or the right tether for your tool type, can be a confusing business. That's why we've created the NLG Interactive Tool Tethering Guide.

Posted by Julian on 11 November 2016

Safety Resources

Back to work: a guide to manual handling and back supports.

Follow the proper lifting techniques steps below and watch the video to discover how you can keep you back safe during any manual handling task. Although considered the last line of defence, back...

Posted by Julian on 15 September 2016

Safety Resources

DROPS Reliable Securing Ebook

DROPS (Dropped Object Prevention Scheme) is intended to help eliminate the risk of dropped objects. The latest Reliable Securing Ebook embraces the requirement for worksite hazard management and...

Posted by Reuben on 10 May 2016

Safety Resources

Learn everything you need to know about Dropped Object Prevention

Dropped object prevention is a current topic with proactive Health & Safety Officer's across the globe.

Posted by Reuben on 8 March 2016

Safety Resources

Quick checklist for choosing PPE for your workforce in 2016

For the many Health and Safety veterans NLG work with, this quick checklist for selecting Personal Protective Equipment will no doubt seem like child’s play. But we have found a good number of...

Posted by Julian on 13 January 2016