Product Spotlight

How to tether your tape measure (with Ergodyne's new Squids 3770)

It is just as important to tether your tape measure as any other tool. But up until now it hasn't been easy...

Posted by Julian on 16 February 2016

Product Spotlight

NLG Helmet Lanyards. Ready at the drop of a hat.

Safety helmet lanyards are a comfortable alternative to chinstraps and will save your hard hat from becoming a gravity-enhanced missile!

Posted by Julian on 26 September 2015

Product Spotlight

A bucket like no other. See the new Python Safety Bucket in action.

Python Safety Safe Buckets are designed to be used when working at height. Each hoist bucket features a built in closure system that helps prevent dropped objects.

Posted by Julian on 2 August 2015

Product Spotlight

Never drop a bolt again. Introducing the Python Safety small parts pouch.

Designed with drop prevention in mind, the Python Safety Small Parts Pouch stops accidental drops the moment something is put inside.

Posted by Julian on 4 July 2015