Tethered Tools

5 Key benefits of retractable tool lanyards

Self-retracting, or retractable tool lanyards, are proving a very popular alternative to conventional tool lanyards. With a maximum recommended weight of a tool of 2.5kg for attachment to the...

Posted by Julian on 23 June 2016


60 Seconds of breathtaking jumping

These guys are taking parkour to new heights (40 floors up in fact). Missing a footing could have huge consequences, but it seems their way to get the adrenaline going...

Posted by Craig on 10 June 2016

Company News

Shooting 'Killer on the Loose': a look behind the scenes...

Incredible, Excellent, Innovative, Awesome, Clever, Creepy - NLG’s Killer on the Loose dropped objects awareness video has drawn considerable attention from the global Health & Safety scene. But...

Posted by Reuben on 25 May 2016

Safety Resources

DROPS Reliable Securing Ebook

DROPS (Dropped Object Prevention Scheme) is intended to help eliminate the risk of dropped objects. The latest Reliable Securing Ebook embraces the requirement for worksite hazard management and...

Posted by Reuben on 10 May 2016


A double hammock 150m up! Prepare to be blown away.

Another Untethered video from NLG. This time we visit a slackline-suspended hammock hung above the 'Fruit Bowls', near Moab, Utah.

Posted by Craig on 29 April 2016