Safety Resources

Back to work: a guide to manual handling and back supports.

Follow the proper lifting techniques steps below and watch the video to discover how you can keep you back safe during any manual handling task. Although considered the last line of defence, back...

Posted by Julian on 15 September 2016

Company News

The best of the NLG Olympics. Watch these hilarious 'safety fails'!

From the battleground of Brazil to the building sites of Great Britain, the Olympic spirit has inspired millions and ignited the inner desire for greatness.

Posted by Reuben on 25 August 2016


Get a new perspective on Urban Exploring with this incredible 360° video

Ever wonder what it would feel like to stand on the edge of a building and look down? To feel alone way up high on the city’s tallest structures and look down on all the miniature cars and people....

Posted by Craig on 5 August 2016

Company News

Building bridges: Why supporting people can make a big difference.

At NLG, we believe giving is better than receiving.That’s why, when we were approached by a collaborative team from Balfour Beatty, Flint and Neill and the local Bridges to Prosperity staff on a...

Posted by Julian on 28 July 2016


This human slingshot will leave you in utter amazement

After a creative exit from a hot air balloon 5,000m above the Pyrenees, two skilled acro pilots made a tandem descent to complete a spectacular paraglider-powered slingshot. The pair started an...

Posted by Reuben on 1 July 2016