Tethered Tools

What correct tool tethering looks like: a photo guide to the best tool lanyards and tethers.

In this photo guide, we show you 'how to do it' and 'how not to do it'! The best way to use tool lanyards to tether your tools is, in part, down to personal preference but there are important...

Posted by Julian on 8 December 2016


Don’t try this at home… in fact, don’t try it at all!

Strangely, some people feel at home hundreds of metres in the air, hanging and leaping off tower cranes.When most people wouldn’t even dream about it, this adventurer is doing it. With the gentle...

Posted by Reuben on 25 November 2016

Safety Resources

Find the right tool lanyards with the Interactive Tool Tethering Guide

Finding the best tool lanyard for your task, or the right tether for your tool type, can be a confusing business. That's why we've created the NLG Interactive Tool Tethering Guide.

Posted by Julian on 11 November 2016

Company News, Tethered Tools

The Tool Tethering Roadshow is on track to deliver hundreds of safety talks

We often admit that tool tethering can be a confusing business - but at NLG, we set out to make it simple. One way we are helping Health and Safety professions educate their workforce about ...

Posted by Reuben on 31 October 2016


Mind-blowing rooftop action to make you feel vertigo

If, during this video, you push your chair back from your desk shouting 'No, No', whilst simultaneously being unable to take your eyes off the action, that's exactly what Urban Explorers want....

Posted by Craig on 7 October 2016