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Killer on the Loose! Our new awareness video will make you think.

The workplace can be a dangerous place. Particularly when you risk becoming an unsuspecting victim of its second biggest killer: dropped objects. Backed by recent Health Safety Executive statistics

Posted by Reuben on 16 October 2015

Tethered Tools

What happens when you drop a 3.5kg wrench from 60 metres?

At Never Let Go, we take objects at height seriously. In the past, aerial tool and equipment hazard planning has been an afterthought - or not even a thought.

Today, regulators, professionals and...

Posted by Reuben on 17 August 2015

Tethered Tools

Browse the 2015 Tethered Tools Catalogue online

You can now browse the Never Let Go Tethered Tools 2015 catalogue online.

Posted by Reuben on 8 August 2015


Don't look down! 6 bridges that will make your legs tremble.

Dangerous and primitive bridges that swing high over a jungle valley or a raging river – walking over is certainly a leap of faith. We've gathered up some of the world's most fear-inducing bridges...

Posted by Reuben on 22 July 2015